*   TECHMAG Crane Systems manufactures single girder and double girder overhead cranes in SWL ranging from 250kg to 10ton in different configurations.

*   Beam/ box type main girders(dependent on spans)

*   These cranes can be offered either with an electrically operated trolley (EOT) or a hand operated trolley (HOT) depending on the client requirement.

*   The standard range of TECHMAG electrical wire rope hoists is used on these cranes Alternatively, we can also supply these cranes with TECHMAG electrical chain hoists.

*   Precise control of the up/down motion and or travel motion can be achieved by fitting of variable frequency drives in the panels (optional).

*   Control can be either through a pendant push button station or radio remote control(optional).

*   Additional, we can also supply single girder cranes in a festooning type arrangement, featuring a cantilever- mounted TECHMAG Hoist.


*  Safe working Load: 2ton to 15ton.

*   Span: upto 32mtrs

*   Lift height: As per customer's specifications

*   Design Standards: As per IS 3177/ IS 807 and hoists with FEM ISO Standards(SWF)