TECHMAG Crane Systems is a Leading Manufacturing , Suppling Company . we have our expert team in the field of cranes and lifting equipment. Our Fabrication/Assembly team and Erection team fully completed Experience.

Our sales team can technically assist the consulting engineers during design stage to decide on the key parameters of the production layouts and building in terms of material handling and goods. The selection of the correct material handling. equipments can provide a cost saving to your operations and also building. dimensions can be optimized to show substantial savings on the initial project costs. Our production facilities with new generation we have all type of machine like a lathe machines , drill machine ,radial drill , welding machines , cutting machines etc. and testing equipments are hardness tester, vernier caliper, bore gauge. And material testing facility available by laboratory.

The cranes are assembled and shop tested, witnessed by the Client/Consultant prior to dispatch thus avoiding prolonged site works. Our service division has experienced crane engineers and suitably qualified technicians, who understand the need for quality and safety requirements of contracts for high profile clients.

We can provide a rapid and effective after sales service and also preventative operating systems for semi automation of crane on any motion of the crane using VFD (frequency inverters) and thyristor control. We are use epoxy painting system is applied as standard. Special painting systems can be offered if required.