Transmitter - The transmitter is equipped with an ergonomic shape for easy grip. At the top there are 4 red LED high brightness to indicate the battery level, the error code anomalies, the insertion of aux iliary functions such as selecting single and double hoist and 1 green status LED remote control active. Automatic frequency change. The placement on the working frequency is automatic according to the channel free of interferences available. The apparatus performs a check of 140 different channel.

Receiver - The receiver, available in three sizes and 4 kind model different for the output features, is equipped with screw terminals for an easy connection to any system.The installation can be done by 4 brackets at the corners, or through fastening to the center nut. A green and red LED warns the state receiving transmission b etween transmitter and receiver unit by signaling via pulse code.

Receiver Antenna - The receiving antenna , that is available in 2 different formats, Is positioned externally with SMA connector screw. This allows any connection to the coaxial cable to a different positioning of the antenna.

STOP circuit Dual Relay - The remote controls safety JUUKO, on the HS and HM kind receiver, are equipped with double shut –off relay guaranteed opening degree of security in PL d / Cat. 3 – certif.13849